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A commitment to our great land From fencing to dirt work, we have all manners of outdoor property projects covered. At Arnold’s Custom Seeding, we offer you our expertise, equipment, and knowledge for all outdoor projects on your property. We have all kinds of dirt work covered as we have over 750,000 acres worth of experience across the US. From excavating to backfilling foundations, we have all manners of dirt work covered to help you start your next, or current, outdoor project.

Experienced Dirt Work Contractors at Arnold’s Custom Seeding

Arnold's Custom Seeding has an extensive backlog of finished projects across the US, and yours can join the list when you call us. Our dirt work contractors specialize in all kinds of outdoor projects from excavations to backfills that will give your project a great start. Our contractors are certified across the board for dirt work. If its surface level or below, our dirt work contractors will get the job done to fit your style, budget, and needs.

Professional Dirt Work Construction with Arnold’s Custom Seeding

Our dirt work construction specialists are certified and equipped to handle every job.

With over 750,000 acres in the books, we’ve worked almost every outdoor project and we’ve seen almost every situation. Our dirt work construction crew is ready to help you get started on the next, or current, project designed to renovate and revivify your land. We have all the right tools, equipment, and hands to handle jobs of any size.

A Dirt Work Company with an Impressive Repertoire

Our team has worked on over 750,000 acres across the nation. That’s over 300,000 rugby fields or 11-million tennis courts. We are not stopping there, though. We are expanding our services to more and more areas in the United States each day, and we provide reliable services using the proper tools for every outdoor project. We want to be your areas local dirt work company that has the resources and equipment of a large company but still provides personalized services like a small company.

Excellence Across the United States

The largest operation in Keenesburg, CO

What was started by a farming family in Northern Colorado, has grown into one of the largest seeding and reclamation operations in the United States. Arnold’s Custom Seeding has worked on projects in 36 states and has reclaimed over 6,500 miles of Right Of Way (ROW) to date.

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Since 1985, Arnold’s Custom Seeding has been reclaiming thousands of acres of land per year. We work closely with the energy industry and government entities to restore land after extensive pipeline and right of way developments. We maintain a fleet of specialized equipment to carry out a wide range of seeding and reclamation techniques. Whether you are ready to begin a project or simply have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.