Mulch & Hydroseeding Tackifier

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When using mulch and seeding for restoration and erosion control, it is important that it stays put. At Arnold’s Custom Seeding, we accomplish this extra adhesion by using tackifier. This compound helps to keep the soil and mulch in place so that it doesn’t blow or wash away while the seeding is trying to take root. Whether the seeding is designed to stay permanently or if it is a temporary measure, by using a tackifier, we can help to stabilize the area and help to prevent the erosion that comes from wind and rain.

A Tackifier for Restoration

Tackifier is a chemical derived from natural and synthetic sources. It is added to mulching and hydroseeding to improve their adhesion to the ground and to themselves. As a soil binder, it helps to improve soil stabilization, reducing erosion driven by wind and water. A mulch tackifier works as a sort of “glue” for mulch and helps to protect the seedbeds that the mulch is placed on by preventing excessive movement of the cover.

Reasons to Use Hydroseeding and Mulch Tackifier

A hydromulch tackifier is often used on construction sites. When an area of a construction site is going to be left alone for a period of time, hydromulch tackifier can be applied to protect against the risk of erosion from water, wind, and snowmelt. This mulch tackifier may be used to establish temporary seeding that is designed to stabilize the ground while between projects, or as a base for a more permanent stabilization, even though the tackifier only lasts a few weeks at the most.

When Mulch and Hydroseeding Tackifier is Appropriate

Hydroseeding tackifier can be used in almost any restoration project. It is effective in a wide range of conditions including rain, temperature, and soil slopes. However, it is not recommended for use in areas with heavy water flow such as ditches and channels. If you are unsure if your project could use hydroseeding tackifier, our experts can help you determine if it is right for you. Let us handle the dirty restoration job for you so you can relax.

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