Land Maintenance, Reclamation & Restoration

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Arnold’s Custom Seeding has restored and reclaimed over ¾ of a million acres of land in the thirty years we have been in business. We understand the unique needs that each land restoration or reclamation project must address in order to be successful. Furthermore, our services do not stop once the land has been restored or reclaimed, we extend our abilities out to maintenance. Our land maintenance crews will keep your land productive and viable so you can focus on other aspects of your life and business.

Restoration of Damaged Land

Land restoration is the process of cleaning and rehabilitating a section of land where the land has suffered damage either naturally or through human activity. Arnold’s Custom Seeding has a wealth of experience restore land damaged by strip mining, energy industry construction, and other human influences. We also specialize in land restoration in the wake of natural disasters, such as wildfires, landslides, floods, etc. You can trust our experienced crews to return your land back to a useful and healthy state.

Land Reclamation Services

Land reclamation is the process of turning less productive land into a more productive state. Usually land that requires reclamation has been over farmed or overgrazed by livestock and requires treatment to reclaim its usefulness. Arnold’s Custom Seeding offers a wide range of services to help in land reclamation efforts. We provide various seeding and mulching solutions to combat erosion and replenish vegetation. Additionally, we offer soil amendments and treatments to increase the fertility and structure of your surface soil.

Land Maintenance Services

After your land has been restored or reclaimed, Arnold’s Customs Seeding provides a range of land maintenance services to keep your property healthy and productive. One of these services is weed control and suppression, where we will keep unwanted vegetation from sprouting or seeding on your land. We also provide mowing to keep any vegetation on your property at a manageable height—especially on rights of way were access is necessary for repairs and maintenance on utility infrastructure. We want your land to remain productive and healthy, so trust your land maintenance with us.

Excellence Across the United States

The largest operation in Keenesburg, CO

What was started by a farming family in Northern Colorado, has grown into one of the largest seeding and reclamation operations in the United States. Arnold’s Custom Seeding has worked on projects in 36 states and has reclaimed over 6,500 miles of Right Of Way (ROW) to date.

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Since 1985, Arnold’s Custom Seeding has been reclaiming thousands of acres of land per year. We work closely with the energy industry and government entities to restore land after extensive pipeline and right of way developments. We maintain a fleet of specialized equipment to carry out a wide range of seeding and reclamation techniques. Whether you are ready to begin a project soon or simply have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.